My No Makeup Skincare Routine

 Photo by  Logan Nolin  on  Unsplash

Photo by Logan Nolin on Unsplash

I recently mentioned in my newsletter that I haven't worn makeup in well over a month. This included time spent in New York City taking business meetings and socializing with friends. During this time, no one has said anything or noticed. For brevity's sake, I'll copy and paste an excerpt from the newsletter for my whys, observations, and thoughts: 

I haven't worn makeup in over a month. No one has said a word or looked at me funny. I haven't been treated differently. My friends still like me.  My marriage hasn't crumbled. If fact, I told my husband this morning that I haven't so much as swiped on mascara since June, and he commented that he hadn't noticed. I skipped makeup entirely while I was in New York seeing friends and attending business meetings. I get that some people find makeup fun or a way to express themselves creatively. It's none of that for me. It's something I started doing in college because other people around me were. Spending money on makeup isn't how I want to spend my money. I hated feeling like I was behind a mask all of the time. I felt like I was afraid to show the world my face as it is. I hated spending time applying it. It's not fun or confidence building for me, it's a compulsory construct to womanhood. So, a month ago I stopped. It's way more comfortable - especially in the heat. Better for me and my body - make up is made of petrochemicals and you are smearing it on your face and around delicate mucus membranes and your airways. It's made me feel way more confident in myself as I am. I take better care of my skin and find nourishing the face I have is the ultimate in self care and love, which helps me feel more beautiful than I ever did slathered in foundation. I'm probably not completely done with make up, though I think long term I might like to be (it's a journey), but I'm interested to see the role it plays in my life longterm. 

Maybe you like putting on makeup, that's fine. Personally I think we all could stand to be a little bit more comfortable in the skin that we're in. If you feel the same way, or just want to learn how to take better care of your skin in general, keep reading. Since I got a few emails asking questions about this, here's how I nourish my skin so that I feel confident and glowy without any makeup.

#1 Food, Water, Sun, Sleep, and Exercise

Basically these things are everything in life -- your mood, your will power, your discipline, the thoughts you choose to think, annnnd your skin. Quick breakdown of what I do for each that makes a difference for my skin

Food: ~70% of my daily calories come from good, high quality fat. What does this look like? A lot of pastured eggs, pastured bacon, avocado, pastured steak, coconut oil, grassfed butter, raw cheeses, whole fat yogurt, and some nuts sometimes. Good fats in your body mean healthy oils making up your skin.  I don't eat grains, fruit, vegetable oils (cottonseed, soy, canola, grapeseed, etc), and barely any sugar. Personally, I do really well with dairy, but a lot of people seem to have better luck with their skin when they cut it out. My hunch here is that most commercially available dairy is garbage and barely recognizable as dairy, so your body is like WTF when you eat it, but that's an entire blog post in and of itself. I also drink a lot of bone broth that I make from pastured cow bones, and cow liver which is super high in vitamin A (a good skin vitamin). Cow liver is the original superfood.

Water: Drink a lot of water and add some Himalayan pink salt to it.

Sun: Most people will tell you to run from the sun to keep your skin looking good. I'm not suggesting that you never use sunscreen again (TBH I don't use much, tho), but it's important that you let your face feel sunshine without sunscreen on it. Sunkissed skin is healthy skin. Vitamin D from the sun is a precursor to so many vital physiological processes -- including testosterone production. My diet of at least 70% of my calories from good, high quality fats also helps prevent sunburn -- but again, we could do an entire blog post on this.

Sleep: Beauty sleep, doy. When you sleep your body releases a ton of regenerative hormones and does maintenance work all over your body. Sleep is essential to doing anything worthwhile with your life.

Exercise: Exercise literally keeps you young. Heavy compound lifts - deadlifts and squats --- release IGF-1 which is a growth factor that helps build muscle and repair tissue. You'll also sweat a lot during exercise which will help keep your skin clear and getting your blood flowing is how you don't look pale and dead without makeup.

#2 Skincare Products

Here's my general rule for anything that I slather onto myself: If I wouldn't be willing to eat it, I won't put it on my skin. This doesn't mean it would have to taste good, of course. Your skin is your largest organ and it absorbs all that you put on it. This goes into your bloodstream. Conventional beauty products have been shown to disrupt hormones and some ingredients in beauty products are also used to degrease jet engines sooo I'm not about that life. Also, no need for fancy stuff. Simple ingredients and low prices.

Trader Joe's Face Wash - I use this in the morning after the gym and in the evening before I go to sleep.

Feather, Eagle, Sky Luminous Face Scrub - I use this once a week on Sunday evening before bed with a dollop of jojoba oil.

Egyptian Magic - I wear this on the daily. A tiny bit goes a long way. I will also wear this at night some nights. If I want to make my eyelashes pop a bit, I dunk an eyelash brush in this oil and apply it to my lashes. It's also great lip balm. It's so multi-purpose. I love it.

Rosehip Seed Oil, Vitamin E Oil, and Vitamin A Drops - About 3-5 times a week I layer on these three components before bed. This combo for me has been a game changer.

Arcona's The Eye's Have It - This one is the most questionable ingredient wise, but it's not terrrrible. I originally bought it on sale as an eye cream, but randomly discovered that it does a good job reducing the redness that pops up on the end of my nose. The end of my nose always gets red and flaky -- especially if I've been drinking, eating too much sugar, or if I spend too much time in the sun. This one is used as needed.

#3 The Routine

Sometimes before the gym, I'll toss cold water onto my face, but that's about it. Pre-gym a light coating of Egyptian Magic. Then, wash with Trader Joe's Face Wash in the morning after the gym. Apply another light coating of Egyptian Magic. When you don't put on makeup, you don't need to wash your face as much IMHO, seems to be working for me so far.

Evening: Wash with TJ's Face Wash. Then, about 3-5x a week I'll roll my face with this micro-needling derma roller for about 2 min. Then I layer on rosehip seed oil, then vitamin A drops, and then vitamin E oil (which is super thick). The vitamin A drops will turn your face orange, FYI. I wait about 20 min to let it soak in a bit before bed -- otherwise you'll get orange all over your pillow and lose your skincare goodness. Once a week, on Sundays, I use the Luminous Face Scrub and follow with Egyptian Magic. If I'm not doing my custom mix of oils at night then I'm using Egyptian Magic. If my nose is red, I'll apply the Arcona eye cream in the evening as well. 

That's it! None of the above links are affiliate, I'm just a big fan of the products. How do you care for your skin? Tell me in the comments.