The Comfort Zone Challenge

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the comfort zoneChallenge (2).png

The Comfort Zone Challenge


"Either life entails courage, or it ceases to be life."  - E. M. Forster

There is one secret to getting what you want -- the ability to act in spite of crushing fear. It is here, in this uncomfortable, messy, and terrifying place that we grow into the people we're meant to be. This is where we take action and step closer to the things we want to be, do, and have. Although the secret to getting what you want is simple, the path to being comfortable with discomfort isn't easy. This 31 day course will teach you, with daily, actionable assignments and insight producing journal prompts, how to start embracing the discomfort that arises when we step out of our comfort zone so that we can create a life that we're proud of.

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There is a direct correlation between the size of your comfort zone and the amount of joy in your life. To expand your comfort zone, you simply need to deliberately and consistently put yourself in uncomfortable positions. Practice makes perfect. This course will walk you through, step by step, the progressively more difficult comfort challenges that I've developed to grow my comfort zone, which is how I've built the life of my dreams. Some of the challenges might seem pointless on paper, but they will make your belly flip when the time comes to make it happen.

Take this course if you're ready to:

  • Be more resilient to the challenges and stresses you face

  • Stop giving a shit about what people think of you

  • Take action toward your biggest goals even when you feel frozen with fear

  • Follow through on plans you've made

  • Commit to making your life better

  • Learn how to use your emotions like a superpower