LC Barren is the founder and Director of Business Development of Hawkwood Group. Hawkwood Group is a software consultancy that was founded with the belief that technical excellence is the only choice when it comes to software. She is also the founder of Totem Nutrition, a holistic lifestyle brand whose mission is to bring optimized health to the masses through all natural ingredients and ancient wisdom. 

For the last five years, LC has dedicated her life to personal development. In 2013 she hit total rock bottom. The start up she had help grow failed catastrophically. She was six figures in student debt. In over $20,000 of credit card debt. She clocked in at 200 lbs. Her relationship was in shambles. The apartment she lived in had an actual hole in the floor. 

Since then, she's made massive changes in her life. She blogs about the process of excelling through her troubles, dropping weight, getting out of debt, improving relationships, making as much money in a month as she used to make in a year, and about the wins and lessons of building businesses. She also coaches dedicated students through their own trials and tribulations of self improvement.

These days,  you can find LC and her husband  just a few blocks from the Pacific Ocean in sunny Santa Monica. In addition to blogging, coaching, writing bios in the third person, and running two businesses LC can be found swinging kettlebells, hiking in the Sierra Nevadas, eating all of tacos Los Angeles has to offer, chilling with her cats, and just generally loving everything about life.